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Technology and performance are at the heart of everything we do. Acurix Sports utilizes proprietary nano-technology and smart fabrics in our performance apparel in order to enhance athlete comfort.

our fabrics:


Moisture Management. Acutek’s unique sweat wicking smart fiber technology assists the body’s cooling mechanism by pulling sweat off of the body more rapidly and pushing it to the surface of the apparel.


AG-SILVER. Our advanced Nano Silver technology provides advanced anti-microbial and deodorant protection. The durable Nano Silver fabric allows sweat and moisture to be pulled from skin efficiently in order to aid in the cooling of the body.


UV. Our UV reflective and ventilated smart fabrics reflect UV rays from the sun and improve ventilation allowing the athlete to feel cooler in hot conditions.


BAMBOO.  Our Bamboo line represents an eco-conscious approach to designing performance apparel. Bamboo performance apparel incorporates natural bamboo fibers that offer inherent breath-ability and antimicrobial properties.

H2O. Our nano treated bi-layer fabric efficiently propels more water than traditional polyester fabrics in order to deliver enhanced comfort and playability in wet conditions.


Technology  +  Performance

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